The Original Obnoxious One’s birthday demands

My husband, the Original Obnoxious One, recently celebrated a BIG birthday – yes he turned the BIG 5-0.

So what did he want for his birthday? A trip to Paris with yours truly? Or Italy? A cruise? A new car perhaps? Dinner out? No, you’ll NEVER guess. Really!

The new addition to our family

For the Original Obnoxious One’s 50th  birthday, he wanted a totem pole. Not just any totem pole either. A 13 ft tall one…that goes IN THE HOUSE. Yes, it really is 13 feet high and it’s carved out of cedar by a guy named Rocky LaRock. Really – you can’t make this stuff up! As you might imagine the kids think the Original Obnoxious One has lost it, totally.

So I went and checked this thing out – apparently he’s had his eye on it for years. While I am the first to admit that the totem pole is not my cup of tea (I would rather spend my money on travel or champagne or buy jewels or…), I figured there were worse things the Original Obnoxious One could ask for…like a motorcycle, or a Wildebeest head ( a friend got that for his 50th). And the funny thing is, the totem pole is growing on me…slowly, very slowly yes, but still.

Besides, in the VERY far future I too will turn 50 one day…maybe.

And tet me tell you, diamonds are on my list.



3 thoughts on “The Original Obnoxious One’s birthday demands

  1. You know a “miniature” version of this totem pole might sell well in the “toy industry” if you know what I mean. That thing must have been hard to mount … on the wall I mean.

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