The Independence of the Demon Child

My daughter, the Demon Child, is very independent. Very strong minded, Very stubborn.

I’ll give you an example.

Last March our entire family went on a NCL cruise out of New York – the 4 of us, my parents, my sister, her husband and their 2 young kids. Our first stop was Port Canaveral, where my husband and son toured the Kennedy Space Centre, my sister and family experienced the wonders of Walt Disney World, my parents did their thing, and the Demon Child (D.C.) and I checked out Universal Studios.

First the D.C. was annoyed that she had to go at all because she was exhausted. Gee, do you think going to bed at 2 a.m. the night before had anything to do with that? Then she was disappointed that we were going to the theme park as opposed to the water theme park – even though the theme park was her choice. I just smiled and smiled and thought happy thoughts.

The day went pretty well – lots of cool rides (the Simpsons was the best!), the weather was good, the park wasn’t too crowded. At 5pm the D.C. decided she’d had enough and wanted to go back to the ship; the only problem was that our bus returned to the ship at 7 pm. We had 2 hours to wait. However, no amount of discussion, reason, and yes, even yelling changed her mind; she took off on her own. Did I mention that I had our bus tickets, as well as our identification cards to get back on the ship.

I tried to calm down – yes, by this time I had gotten a little excited, a little frustrated and a LOT furious. I walked around a bit and then started looking for her in earnest.  For over one hour I searched for my daughter. I had left my cell phone at home in Vancouver, so I found a payphone. I called her and she hung up on me! I tried again and again but she didn’t answer. By now I was frantic –  I had visions of my 15 year old daughter being kidnapped and sold into white slavery!

Eventually I made my way through the theme park, through the stores, to the ginormous bus parking lot, to our bus. There the bus driver and NCL rep informed me that a girl answering the D.C.’s description had in fact taken the very first bus back to the ship. I was still dreadfully worried – after all, I had her NCL ID card so I knew there was no way she could get back on board.

The one hour bus trip was one of the longest hours of my life. (and as my kids would say, I’m really old!)

When I finally arrived back at the ship, my husband, the Original Obnoxious One, rushed towards me and started screeching at me.

“Where have you been? Why did you abandon our only daughter? How could you possibly do that? The police and coast guard were ready to start searching for you!”

Lovely, just lovely.

So it turns out that somehow the Demon Child  did find her way to the one correct bus (by the way, she is directionally challenged – she gets lost in downtown Vancouver regularly). She talked them into driving her back to the ship early, and then proceeded to worm her way onto the ship without ANY ID. Then she told my husband and son that I had abandoned her.Yes, just lovely.

Such a wonderful way to start a family cruise. Really.

Norwegian Gem


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