Confessions of a Shopaholic

So my kids think I’m a shopaholic. I really don’t know why. 🙂 Perhaps it’s because I just can’t resist a great bargain. Yes, you can find me at Winners, Costco, Filene’s Basement, Home Sense, those mega semi annual department store sales and even the sample sales at the Fashion Exchange building.

My daughter, the Demon Child, thinks I have enough shoes and bags and jackets and Lululemon outifits. She really MUST be a Demon Child, because no daughter of mine should ever say such things. EVER!

My son, the Obnoxious One, has given up making such ludicrous comments. Why? Perhaps because he has a bit of a shopping fetish of his own, except he likes to buy his stuff online. But where’s the fun in that? And when he sees me with something new, he figures it must be time for him to have something new.

So, I’ve started hiding my purchases from my teen-aged kids when I come home. That’s right. I used to hide them from my husband, but my kids give me a much harder time than he ever did. Who would’ve thought?!



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