The Family Summer Vacation…

Four words that send both a spurt of delight AND a sliver of fear down my spine.

Delight because just the mention of the words summer vacation conjures up warm and happy thoughts – sunshine, relaxation, reading, swimming, boating….

Fear because we are talking about my family of four coexisting together in a relatively small space for an extended length of time. It was easier when the kids were younger…

But now that they are both teenagers, each is very opinionated and very stubborn. Will my son, the Obnoxious One argue with us 24/7? Will my daughter, the Demon Child, deign to join us on our daily outings or cocoon in her hotel room all day and order room service? Will my husband, the Original Obnoxious One, drive us all crazy? The more rested he is, the more obnoxious he is.

So what are we doing this summer? None of us can agree on anything yet. Maybe the dog and I will run away together for a couple of weeks. She loves me. She doesn’t argue with me. She doesn’t yell at me..

But, she does snore…BIG time. And she smells…terrible.



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