Will or won’t he?

My son, the Obnoxious One will attempt his driver test for the 4th time on Friday – yes, the FOURTH time.

Why has it taken him this long? Let’s see – his tendency to be lazy, his lack of hours behind the wheel, and oh yes, a little thing called parallel parking. Plus the fact that he’s taking the test in my mammoth SUV.

The Obnoxious One has whined, begged and cajoled us repeatedly for a car of his own, but we’re at an impasse because:

A car of his own = vintage sports car

1980's Alfa Romeo Spider


Used Toyota Prius

A car for the Obnoxious One = small, used, inexpensive, slow

The same kind of impasse resulted when it was time for the Obnoxious One to learn to drive. He wanted his dad and I to teach him; we wanted him to take lessons from Young Drivers. So…nothing happened for months and months. Did I mention the Obnoxious One is a wee bit stubborn?

Finally he relented and agreed to 5 whole lessons. This created a new problem – the instructor told him he was the best first time driver she had ever taught.

Great, just great. Thanks SO much.

The time came when the Obnoxious One and the Original Obnoxious One went driving together. How do you spell DISASTER – it’s the combination of one controlling backstreet driver with one obnoxious testosterone – filled teenager. The Obnoxious One vowed NEVER to drive again with his father…until the next time, when World War III broke out in our house. So now I am the one that drives with the Obnoxious One here, there, and everywhere.

But, for how much longer?



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