You did what?!

I’ve had high hopes for my son, the Obnoxious One, recently; he genuinely seems to be growing up and becoming a real person…that is until the other night. We were chatting after he got home from spending the evening at his girlfriend’s home. He complained that she was acting unreasonable and childish. When asked to explain, our conversation went something like this.

“Look Mom, I am not going to start university in September with a girlfriend. I do not want to be one of those guys married to his high school sweetheart who wakes up at 40 and gets divorced because he wants something new and different.” Okay so far so good. “So I changed my status on Facebook from in a relationship to widowed.”

“You did what?!”

“Mom, it was a joke. It took me about half an hour to scroll through the various options to find widowed. My girlfriend watched me do this. But then she gave me the silent treatment for 2 hours, so I had to talk to her parents the whole time.” At this stage in our discussion the Obnoxious One was speaking EXTREMELY loudly to demonstrate his superiority…Ha!

Where to start?! “Darling, you are an idiot! You are so obnoxious! Never, ever,EVER joke about your relationship status with a girl” I said this quite loudly in order to show just how ridiculous his point of view was.

“But it was funny! It was a joke!” The Obnoxious One was practically screaming by now.

“Son, you have a LOT to learn about women.”



8 thoughts on “You did what?!

  1. While the joke was misplaced (lacking any actual comedy) and showed a great naivete about women, I see greater reason to question how grown up his girlfriend was. When it comes to men, women, and maturity, I try to bring across the difference between the childish and the childlike: Maturity is largely the absense of childishness, but has no direct relation to childlikeness. Your son’s behaviour could have been either (depending on the exact thoughts behind it), but her behaviour was clearly childish.

  2. Have just finished reading several posts… very clever and funny. I love the widowed thing, though agree it is not the best way to handle a girlfriend, even if you do want to break up. I could absolutely see my son, Middle Man, doing the same exact thing! I live in Bellingham, so can relate to the Vancouver observations (especially W.Van dog owners!)… ha! Really nice writing and fun to follow.

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  4. This falls along the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” concept…or is it the other way around? As an outsider, however, it’s pretty funny. This makes me want to blog about all my “obnoxious one’s” antics, but am forced to refrain, since her best friend reads my every post. I love that she does, but it sure does limit my blog topics.

    • Yeah I totally get it – that’s why I use the names that I do. Plus, I don’t think my kids have told ANYONE I am writing a blog – they’re way too embarrassed by their crazy mom. I figure I have to wait a few years (okay maybe many, many years) before they worship me again. 🙂

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  6. You all realize that the poor girl was probably upset because your idiot son was being insensitive about breaking up with her. I think that any girl, regardless of her age, would be alarmed about ending a two year relationship in such a fashion. To not feel like speaking to someone who showed that much disrespect is hardly childish.

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