And they call it puppy love.

When my daughter, the Demon Child, returned home after being at camp for the month of July, it took awhile for her to share her experiences . Slowly but surely the comments and stories trickled out, one here, another couple over there. The funniest, however,  involved a West Vancouver boy who has a BIG crush on her.

My husband and I each received phone calls from camp asking permission for our daughter to have a visitor. Apparently visitors are not allowed at camp during session, so the camp staff were audibly annoyed; I, on the other hand, had much difficulty trying not to roar with laughter. Permissions was granted.

Rather than being appreciative of my efforts, the Demon Child was most disgusted with me.

“Mom, why would you let Johnny see me?”

“Oh sweetie, I thought it was so cute the way he turned up to see you.”

“Oooo Mom, no! It was SO creepy. He took the bus to Horseshoe Bay (which takes about 40 minutes). Then he got on the ferry to Langdale, a 45 minute ride. Then he walked 3 miles along a dirt road to the camp. (which took another 35 minutes)”

“That sounds kind of sweet to me. So what did you say to him?”

“I asked him why he was there and he said it was because I hadn’t answered his text messages. I told him I was really busy at camp as a leader in training, and that he wasn’t supposed to be there. I asked him to leave.”

To which I laughed…and laughed. And the Demon Child glared at me and rolled her eyeballs.

Poor Johnny.

Really 🙂 !


2 thoughts on “And they call it puppy love.

  1. P.S. My daughter has since tried to match up Johnny with her good friend Merilyn. The Demon Child figures if it works, the situation is a win-win for all – Johnny is out of her hair and her girlfriend will be happy to have a nice boyfriend!

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