Oh the places you’ll go…wait a minute, you’re GONE

Took the Obnoxious One to university back east, and found the entire experience to be much more emotional than I expected. First off, it was the place that the Original Obnoxious One and I went to a thousand years ago. It was the place where we first met and dated. It was the place where we got engaged. But this time, I was the parent, and not the kid – even though it seemed like only yesterday I was. I kept thinking that all of the students looked so young and all of the parents looked so old – until I saw a reflection of myself in a window. Reality check!

University for the Obnoxious One has been the culmination of the 3 long and challenging years; there have been TONS of bumps and hurdles along the way. But now he’s there.

And I’m not.

It’s a very strange feeling. I’m SO exited for him – this is the beginning of the rest of his life! But that means my life will change. He will grow and mature without me, as he should.

And yet, all is not lost. We exchanged some deep and meaningful text messages during frosh week,. Here are a few gems:

Hey, what’s up? – Drunk, hitting on girls.


Son, be mature – I am mature, girls love me (the thing is, they actually do!)


I made friends with a guy in nursing so I can meet really hot girls


Oh ya,  I forgot to tell u, me and xxx and I are now nude models for art students haha

Yep, that’s my boy, that’s my Obnoxious One 🙂 . Really!


4 thoughts on “Oh the places you’ll go…wait a minute, you’re GONE

  1. Continue to enjoy your posts! We seem to have the same sons as well as similar lives… must be the water? I figure if we live an hr apart, the water must be similar! 😉 Dropping off your first child at college is so multi-layered, emotionally. Just so much to process and feel. Trust me it will be a few months before life begins to feel “normal.” But then, you have puppy to keep you busy! Nice post. dawn

  2. Thanks – so nice to get your support. Have just been feeling “off” all week – grumpy for no real reason, a little sad…all normal feelings I know, but still there.

    At least the sun is out 🙂

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