Sweet sixteen? – Not even close!!!

My daughter has been begging me to take her out for dinner to her favourite spot for the past week, so last night was the night. My son’s at University, my husband was playing golf and the dogs could survive without us for an hour or two.

We got there and shortly thereafter I was reminded of her moniker, The Demon Child. Why, you might ask?

  • She refused to make conversation – one syllable word answers to whatever question I posed, accompanied by eye rolling. When pressed for any kind of detail, she became belligerent.
  • She refused to make eye contact – oh, just with me, not with the staff or any cute guys.
  • She persisted in checking her blackberry constantly and texting despite my requests and then demands to stop.

So is she just spoiled? Perhaps, but that’s not the full story. As a family, we DO have expectations and rules for behaviour. Heck, we have a SIGNED contract with The Demon Child for situations just like this.

But somehow, she has a very “convenient” memory that seems to go missing from time to time – much like her dad, the Original Obnoxious One, I might add.

So, no more dinners out. No more favours. For the foreseeable future…at least the next twenty years. Wish me luck! Please.



3 thoughts on “Sweet sixteen? – Not even close!!!

      • Oh, geez! I may have pulled a lot of shenanigans, but I don’t think asking my mom for an apology afterward was one of ’em! :p

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