Mom, you’ve scarred me for life!

The other night my daughter, the Demon Child, and I were getting ready for bed. I couldn’t help but notice that under her robe and pajamas she was wearing a bra. When asked why, she answered,

“Mom, it’s a sports bra and I wear it because of what I saw in Turkey. You know, those scary old women who worked in the Turkish bath. Their boobs hung down below their knees!  Mom, you’ve scarred me for life by taking me there!  I did NOT need to see that and I NEVER want to look like that when I grow up!!!”

Okay so these PR photos don’t show what actually happens  – middle-aged women with average bodies did the washing and scrubbing, and they only wore black panties. No bras, no towels…but the Turkish baths had totally separate sections for women and men.

Our family of four visited Turkey the first two weeks of August, and while in Istanbul, we all went to the Turkish Bath – not the most trendy one, not the newest one, not the most expensive one, but the authentic one that’s more than 400 years old. I thought it was VERY cool, and so did my husband and son.

But not the Demon Child, because apparently she is very sensitive.

I figure, when in Rome, do as the Romans. I mean, when we were in Venice, we went on a gondola ride; when in Mexico we inhaled salsa and guacamole; when in New York we saw a musical on Broadway and in France, ah…the cheese…the foie gras. I could go on and on…Travel is all about opening your mind and experiencing new things.

So sorry, my darling, if you’re really scarred for life…just deal with it!



6 thoughts on “Mom, you’ve scarred me for life!

  1. Vacations are supposed to be fun! But seriously, how old is your daughter? It’s too bad she couldn’t appreciate the scene. It might have made her uncomfortable, but I think “scarred for life” is a bit dramatic.

    • Good luck with that! I told my daughter she should go to Wreck Beach (a nudist beach by the University of British Columbia) to check out all the “hot” bathers – when I told her that they were mainly seniors from Europe, she was REALLY grossed out. Ha!

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