How Lululemon will save the world from global financial meltdown!?

It has taken me a week to respond to a terrible article originally posted on MSN Travel’s online site because I’ve been SO traumatized. The woefully ignorant reporter labelled Vancouver as the third worst-dressed city in the world ; this ridiculous story was picked up by numerous Canadian news sites and gained a ton of publicity along the way.

According to MSN Travel,  the  10 worst-dressed cities in the world are

  1. Orlando
  2. Maui
  3. Vancouver 
  4. Harajuku, Japan
  5. Boston
  6. Seattle
  7. San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  8. Ottawa
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Jersey Shore

The reason for this travesty? – Lululemon yoga pants. Okay, so in the MSN article itself, the author coyly refused to name Lululemon, but it was quite obvious what she was referring to!

Heads should roll – really!

So many of us West Van moms would just not know how to dress if we didn’t have Lululemon . What would we wear in the morning to drive our kids to school? What would we wear to yoga and pilates and spin classes? What would we wear while driving our SUV’s to Starbucks to buy that low-fat soy latte? And don’t even get me started on what to wear to walk the dog!?

Lululemon has already infiltrated the top ranks of Hollywood’s elite…

Reese, Nicole and Sandra

Clearly the only viable solution is for Lululemon to open at least a gazillion stores worldwide and convert the so-called sexy cities of the world like Paris, Barcelona, and Venice. Consider the benefit of all that lovely consumer spending on the economies of France, Spain and Italy – Vancouver’s Lululemon really could save the world from global financial meltdown.

Really! You heard it here first. 😉


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