Get me some boots made for walking!

Attention fashion buyers, fashion designers and fashion lovers everywhere. Even though I’m middle aged, I’m not dead. I love fashion as much as the next chick/gal/babe, and I DO love boots. Really!

However I also like to walk…not stumble, not fall and certainly not break my foot or ankle or leg!

You may have heard that here in Vancouver we have little things called mountains; they make walking any significant distances (i.e. more than 2 steps) challenging enough. With these booties I’d feel as if I was walking a tightrope 24/7. No thanks!

Also, our winters tend to be rather wet, since Vancouver is smack dab in the middle of a temperate rainforest. So, starting any time this month, the heavens will open up …and not close again until February or March. (although in 2011, nobody read the memo so the rains didn’t stop until August)

Perhaps I should try this boot to the left – it ‘s clearly quite lovely for clomping through the puddles in the parking lot at the mall. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about those pesky hot flashes – my feet would have their own built in air conditioning.

You know, I’d just like some nice boots that I can wear with my boot cut jeans – the mature woman’s answer to all evils. So, I do need a bit of a heel, so my jeans don’t wander around too far behind me when I walk in the door of Winners or Lululemon or London Drugs.

I have heard that animal prints are very “in” this year, so surely this pair would  be terrific for driving my SUV to Safeway to pick up that extra litre of milk for my morning latte. Wonder if the stiletto would get stuck in the car floorboards?

Call me crazy, but I want a heel that is medium in height, medium in width, has a closed toe and is water resistant.  Are these my only choices???


LLBean duckie

Maybe I need a shopping road trip and some good old fashioned retail therapy….Really!


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