Why is my little guy such a …guy?

My four month old puppy Franklin is ALL male…He figures he’s the boss, and whatever he wants is fine. Despite the fact that there is an older, much bigger dog in the house, ten year old Sandy. Despite the fact that he has an experienced owner/trainer wise to his ways.

What am I talking about? Well…

  • He’s very competitive. When it’s meal time he doesn’t care whose bowl and whose food is around – if he can reach it, he figures it’s his. We have to separate the beasts at feeding time to make sure all fingers, toes and paws remain intact.
  • when he see’s a dog bed he likes, he stretches out on it – no matter that it has belonged to Sandy for 10 years. No matter that Sandy is already happily established on said bed. Good thing Sandy is a patient old lady who tolerates Franklin’s presence with dignity. 
  • at bedtime Franklin marches into Sandy’s kennel and lies on top of her if there’s no room. Once again poor Sandy suffers in silence. 
  • he must win, ALWAYS, at any cost whether it’s attention or a toy. If I am petting Sandy, Franklin inserts himself in-between us and smiles at me
  • he moans and groans when he’s unhappy – extremely loudly so that EVERYONE within a 10 mile radius can hear him. Yesterday Franklin was wrestling with a dog we met in the canyon and hurt his foot; Franklin’s howls rolled back and forth throughout that canyon. I cuddled and petted him until…he jumped out of my arms and sauntered on his merry way. And he doesn’t like to get wet – what kind of a lab is he? Guess he doesn’t want to ruin his image.

    One happy dog, one pouty puppy

  • he makes messes and never cleans them up, leaving me, and only me, to do so. Sandy doesn’t make messes, and when she does her business, she is very discreet
  • Franklin likes to bring me, his mommy, the spoils of war, whether it be a bone, a toy or an enormous dead rat
  • Did I mention that he’s got a thing about shoes? – guess he’s the “new meterosexual male”! 

So what happened to the family hierarchy? – the one that suggests the boss is my husband, then me, then my son, then Sandy, then my daughter (she was only 5 when we got Sandy, so Sandy has always considered herself superior)  and THEN Franklin. But this is NOT the world according to Franklin. Nope, in Franklin’s world there’s just him…and me. Yes, I will admit he listens to me, and not the kids…not my husband. Guess he’s just a momma’s boy. Good thing he’s so cute!



4 thoughts on “Why is my little guy such a …guy?

  1. Hmmmm, he suffers from a disease – it’s called youth. I know you’re only human (and I do feel sorry for inferior species), but be patient, Franklin will adapt. To a degree. Remember he’s (yuk) male and they are less socially ept of the genders.

  2. Reading your post was deja vu all over again! We adopted a male boxer puppy last year for our 8 year old Aussie Shepard, and every word you wrote happened here as well. We haven’t decided if
    Reggae, the elder, is plotting on offing him or adopting him. Enjoy your nutty baby!

  3. Thanks! As you probably remember, there are good days, and then there are…
    House training seems to be more of an issue with a boy, especially peeing. (or maybe I’m just older and have forgotten how long it really takes). Good things puppies are cute – and love their mommies!

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