Help – my puppy has Coprophagia!

Things have been a little busy in my house lately – busy for me and my puppy, Franklin that is, since all the other members of my family have magically faded away. You see, Franklin has coprophagia. Sounds like a scary, deadly disease, right?

Not quite. In reality it is nasty and disgusting and absolutely gross!

My puppy eats poop. There I said it.

And then he vomits it. Double whammy!

I am cringing mentally and physically just writing about this, but apparently it’s not all that uncommon. I called the vet, I called the breeder and I called my Mommy. I went online and looked at many, many websites. The results?

  •  I am watching him like a hawk and stopping ANY bad behaviour I see.
  • I am doctoring my dogs’ food with a powder called “For Bid”
  • I am making sure he gets tons of exercise
  • I am feeding him more puppy food so he won’t be quite so hungry.
  • And I am doing a lot of cleaning.

Really! A lot! My hands are red and chapped from all the washing and scrubbing.

Good thing he’s so cute, but I’m still not letting him kiss me for a while – maybe ever.

Wish me luck PLEASE.

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