I’d NEVER say I told you so, would I…really?

A few weeks ago my 16 year old daughter, the Demon Child came home and announced she wanted to get her belly button pierced. Since  I am a boring old mother,  I was less than thrilled with the idea.

“Mom, EVERYBODY has  their belly buttons pierced except for me. I just wanted to wait until I had a flat stomach.” She has lost some weight in the last couple of months by healthy eating and exercising – but still, yuck! The only body piercings I like are those in the ears, and only one in each ear at that.

“What about T__ and A__ and D__? Do they?” I couldn’t believe the conservative parents of some of her good friends would go for this. 

Sigh. Glare. Sigh.

“No, they don’t because blah, blah, blah…Besides, I’m just letting you know. You can’t stop me ’cause legally I only have to be 15 – I checked.”

“Well, I’m not paying for it!” No way.



That was the end of that …for a while. I really hoped this idea would fade away like others in the past.

Last week, however, when driving her to school in the morning, the Demon Child announced, “Mom, today’s the day. My friends and I are going downtown after school to get our bellies pierced.”

Since I figured there were no arguments I could make at this time that would sway her, I decided to try different tack. “Well darling, there’s going to be tons of blood. And it will hurt – a lot!”

“Gee thanks mom. You’re SO nice.” 

“Yep, you know. I hope it REALLY hurts and I hope it bleeds everywhere!”

“You’re SUCH a terrible mother!” But she was laughing as she hurried through the school doors late as usual.

So by now you’ve probably condemned me as an awful mother and burned me at the proverbial stake. But hey, I use any means I can to get the Demon Child to think through her actions. And, I figure a pierced belly button is better than:

  1. a pierced eyebrow – those things give me the heebie jeebies –scientifically speaking that is 
  2. a pierced tongue – my son, the Obnoxious One insists there’s only one reason to get that done. Enough said.
  3.  the dreaded tattoo – see Tattoo Schmattoo

That evening a very grumpy Demon Child came home. Apparently the piercing itself didn’t hurt very much, but afterwards, it was …well…painful?! And it was painful the next day and the next. At least there was no blood – apparently the girls went to a very experienced professional. Thank goodness for small miracles!

I managed to keep my mouth shut that night, but inside I was screaming, “I told you so!”  I do have to admit though, it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. In fact, it’s almost cute. Almost.

By the way, her brother, the Obnoxious One does NOT approve. It will be very interesting to see what happens when he gets home for Christmas.


6 thoughts on “I’d NEVER say I told you so, would I…really?

  1. When I told my mom I was going to get a tattoo, her tactic was to tell me that she would get a matching one. Did the trick because I am still as unscathed as the day I was born.

    At least your daughter can take it out when she realizes how amazingly tacky navel piercings are. You still win 🙂

    • Originally when my daughter said she wanted to get a tattoo, I said then I would get MY belly button pierced. That did the trick for quite a long time, (it really grossed her out!) but then we both changed tactics. Still, this time I asked her what she was going to do when she got old and fat. She replied, “Oh mom, I’ll just take it out and let it grow in.”

  2. hahaha I love everything about this post. You sound like my mom :]
    I had my belly button pierced (I’m 19 and my mom also doesn’t like piercings or tattoos). I ended up taking it out on my own after about 6 months. I heard they take a while to heal, but mine didn’t look like it was healing at all! Once I took it out it was so nice not worrying about hitting it on things and I could sleep on my stomach.

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