All I want for Christmas…??? part 2

Whoops – yesterday I had my eighth annual Christmas ladies lunch. The six of us have known each other for years but don’t get together very often at this stage. So…lots of good food, good gossip and good prosecco! But no blogging – sorry. 

Anyways, back to the Obnoxious One and his quest for the perfect Christmas present for his girlfriend. After lengthy discussions, I was a good mommy and ordered the necklace on net-a-porter. Even I thought it looked quite pretty – sterling silver with charms signifying Love, Luck and Hope.

As a typical stay at home mom, I of course, have absolutely unlimited amounts of time to humour every SINGLE wish and desire of each of my darling children. Who cares about cleaning the house,

doing the laundry,

walking the dogs,

cleaning up after the dogs,

and cooking dinner every single night?

After all, putting up the tree and decorating the home for Christmas, 

purchasing gifts for ALL members of the family (myself included),

wrapping said gifts,

mailing said gifts to the far corners of Canada, as well as designing, writing and mailing the family Christmas cards

takes no time at all and can EASILY be done in my sleep.  Anyways, my children are FAR too busy with homework and other very important things to worry about such details.

No sarcasm here. Not at all.

Well, before I could blink, the package from net-a-porter arrived.

First time I’ve EVER been annoyed that I received an item too quickly! Wonderful, right? – not so much this time. You see, the necklace the Obnoxious One wanted to give his girl turned out to be the size of my pinky finger – actually the nail of my pinky finger –  but he thought it was going to be the size of my palm.

Oh dear!

So I emailed him a couple of photos of the necklace, and described it with words such as fine, delicate, pretty… His reaction? – lots and lots of f bombs dropped. Ah, the perils of internet shopping. The result? – lots and lots of phone calls back and forth. Lots of conversations involving other websites. Additional negotiations involving budget.

In fact, I spent the ENTIRE weekend on the phone with the Obnoxious One debating the merits of various possibilities. Return the necklace? Purchase another necklace? Buy a scarf instead since Ontario is cold? Consider a cashmere scarf or gloves? A few more websites were added to the mix, like jcrew , bluefly and beyond the rack.

Oh, and did I mention that in the meantime the Obnoxious One was supposed to be studying for exams? His first exam, Economics was Saturday morning. He was pretty nervous going in…and shell shocked going out. A flurry of additional phone calls with mommy and daddy provided words of wisdom and much needed encouragement. Apparently, all the kids thought the exam was brutal, so by Saturday evening the Obnoxious One was feeling a bit better about school – just not about Christmas.

By this time, the girlfriend had informed the Obnoxious One that she had bought him tons and tons of “small” things online. Great, but what does “small” really mean? Under $20? Under $50? Or under $500?

Finally Sunday evening “we” decided to keep the necklace, and purchase a designer scarf to add to it. Yep, call me a sucker. He chose a green one by Missoni (on sale) to match her green eyes.

“Mom, girls love that kind of stuff, you know.”

“Yes darling, but are you sure her eyes are green?”

Well, I guess they are now, no matter what!

When his sister, the Demon Child checked out the photo of the scarf online, her response was, “Ew, that’s SO ugly! Who bought that? Is my brother crazy? Doesn’t he like his girlfriend?”

Let’s hope she keeps her opinion to herself for the benefit of all. I would like to have a NICE Christmas this year with limited to no slamming of doors, screeching of voices or breakage of items.

By the way, my husband, the Original Obnoxious One didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. After all, according to him, “she’s lucky to be receiving any kind of jewellery from her boyfriend.”



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