OMG – Her parents are “fond” of the Obnoxious One

My son, the Obnoxious One, is far far away in his first year of university in Ontario. With his high school sweetheart. Ha  – he would kill me if he saw that! He met the girl – let’s call her Coco – during the summer between grade 11 and grade 12; by October of grade 12 they were an item, officially.

During grade 12 Coco’s parents  tolerated the Obnoxious One’s presence. Coco is an only child and has a closet that would rival that of ANY fashionista (Chanel, Lanvin, Acne jeans, Rag & Bone are not just names in a magazine to her – no, she owns tons of this stuff). Coco has never been to Mexico, but has frequented a number of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Maui, continental U.S., France and Italy. Yet she is a lovely girl – intelligent, artistic, and fun to be around. And my son is her first real boyfriend.

My daughter insists that the only reason Coco likes the Obnoxious One is because he’s good looking. “After all Mom, he has a terrible personality!”I’m thrilled my children get along SO well.

Right from the beginning, the Obnoxious One and Coco’s mother have had a rather strained relationship. It might have something to do with how they met – Coco’s mom came home early one day only to discover Coco and the Obnoxious One in Coco’s room, with the door closed, in bed, under the covers…

Whoops! Luckily he survived…in one piece…more or less.

Somehow they all got beyond that, until this past summer when he broke up with Coco by changing his facebook status to “widower”. Really! Check out You did what?!

Regardless, my son and Coco connected again at university and are, once again, a couple. The Obnoxious One’s friends tease him mercilessly that the two will end up married one day. Who knows – stranger things have happened. Anyways, Coco and her parents must have liked his Christmas presents. ( see All I want for Christmas is…?Thank goodness after all that effort and worry! And they didn’t even see him over the holidays – probably a good thing – since our family went to Mexico and hers to Maui.

But, it was his actions on New Years Eve that sealed the deal. While the Obnoxious One and I were sipping champagne watching the fireworks on the beach, a pretty girl  – let’s call her Eve – had her eye on my son. Big time! Even my husband would have figured that one out! When I left the Obnoxious One just after midnight, I warned him about her intentions.

Turns out I was right. Turns out that Eve made a major play for the Obnoxious One by “bad talking” Coco and putting herself forward as Coco’s replacement. Yet, it also turns out that Eve and her family are good friends with Coco and her family. Yes, it’s a small world! The Obnoxious One tried to encourage Eve to pursue her second choice, the older brother of a friend. However, the older brother was quite a bit older (28) and really wasn’t interested in hooking up with a 17 year old for some strange reason.

Of course the entire story was relayed to Coco and her parents via several sources – that small world again. So now they’re fond of the Obnoxious One.

I asked my son for his take on his relationship with Coco. The Obnoxious One’s  response? “Mom, she knows me. She knows that I’m an asshole and yet she still wants to be with me.”

I’m so proud my son demonstrates such depth of character. Really!


3 thoughts on “OMG – Her parents are “fond” of the Obnoxious One

  1. I love this post, mostly because I can relate. In fact, I almost thought my daughter might BE Coco, as your son looks slightly familiar, but I then realized I’ve never been to Maui, haha. “Widower” is classic!

  2. Thanks – good to know others have experienced this. Although I must say, I am scared stiff of facing anything similar with my own daughter. And yes, I freely admit to there being a double standard even today.

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