I see your true colours shining through

As my 16 year old daughter, the Demon Child, is growing and maturing, her perception of those around her is also growing and maturing. This past weekend she had an epiphany. After watching back to back episodes of Modern Family, she announced, “Mom, you are SO much like the mom on Modern Family – in fact, you are exactly the same!”

Surprisingly enough The Demon Child wasn’t referring to the sexy bombshell Gloria,but rather Claire Dunphy, the mom of three. Okay that’s not too bad – Claire is a slim, blond, attractive, young-looking mom. She’s smart and funny. She’s the glue that holds the three families together. 

But that wasn’t what the Demon Child was focusing on. Nope, she was thinking:

  • annoying
  • bossy
  • overprotective
  • uptight
  • perfectionist

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…even if it’s WRONG!

So, in an attempt to demonstrate the error of her ways, we watched a show together; it was the one where Claire gets together with Valerie, her old office buddy (played so well by Minnie Driver).  At first Claire assumes that Valerie is jealous of her life as stay-at-home mom with wonderful children, amazing husband and beautiful home. Of course it turns out instead that Valerie has excelled in her career, has an incredible life (4 lovers in various cities around the world) and if anything is a bit sorry for Claire.

Wow, this was kind of close to home – I could definitely relate to Claire since I also stopped working in the corporate world about 10 years ago to look after my kids.

Claire takes Valerie home and of course everything that could go wrong, does; her eldest is making out in the hall with her boyfriend, the youngest is undressed in the kitchen drinking Jagermeister, the middle is chasing a rat around the kitchen and the husband is stuck in the neighbour’s port-a-pottie outside wearing a fake mustache.

Hhmmm…this was WAY too close for comfort. I could totally see myself acting like Claire, with my own family acting equally crazy. After all guess whose bedroom and bathroom these are? And my puppy has brought me rats before.

Well, I’ve decided to look on the bright side. Apparently the Obamas like to watch this show with their kids, so if it’s good enough for them, then…
Besides, I just don’t think I’m anywhere near as annoying or bossy or overprotective or uptight  as Claire is. As for being a perfectionist – that was so last year. No matter what my kids say. Really!
On a similar note, recently my puppy has dramatically asserted his alpha male status in our household. Socks, gloves and carpets have developed HUGE holes in them; wooden knobs, stools and furniture legs are sporting decorative scratches; and this dog has claimed his favourite spot on the leather couch – exactly where my husband sits when he’s home. So we’ve renamed him Franklinstein.


8 thoughts on “I see your true colours shining through

  1. Claire’s character makes me laugh. Honestly, Phil reminds me of me… Clueless, loose , carefree while Claire, my wife… More organized, perfectionist, a mom with a huge heart. I guess one reason I enjoy this show, is that I get to see bits of ourselves and laugh about it. Beautiful narration….

    • Thanks for the kind comments. Funny thing is, in our household, my husband is the more intense, more focused, more uptight person. I’ve always thought of myself as the A type personality and him as the AA type. Guess it just goes to show that perception is reality and lately my daughter has been focusing on me! Whatever, the writing on that show is great, and I agree that every spouse/parent can find something to relate to and laugh about.

    • Ah well…I probably used nicer words to describe me than she would have. Still, check it out sometime – the show does take a bit of getting used to, but once you’re there it’s pretty funny 🙂

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