Brilliant, brave or just plain batty?

Driving home from my workout one morning this week,  Peter Gabriel was singing on the radio about the rain coming down on him. Why do they play this stuff when it’s really raining out? Especially when it’s been raining non-stop in Vancouver for weeks and weeks without let up. When my dogs are permanently wet and stinky. When my SUV is permanently filthy and stinky. When the skin between my toes is webbed and stinky.  Enough already!

Okay, I’m moaning about the rain because this my way of leading up to what may be the craziest decision of my life to date.

But wait, I’m not finished rationalizing quite yet. Remember, my New Year’s Eve wasn’t quite up to par; for some reason I don’t consider  raised voices, stomping feet and slamming doors delightful. (See Happy F–ing New Year in F–ing Paradise.) Also, consider the fact that I’ve been feeling rather left out and sorry for myself lately, since my husband, the Original Obnoxious One just went skiing for several days with his buddies and is planning yet another guys’ trip, this time golfing in Bandon in mid February. Yeah, yeah I know that Bandon is a golfer’s dream – trust me, I’ve heard that many, many times. In addition, my son, the Obnoxious One is going to an all inclusive in the Dominican Republic over reading week in February with his buddies. Heck, even my daughter, the Demon Child, went skiing at Big White a few weeks ago with her friends.

Meanwhile I sit at home, holding down the fort…looking after the dogs and whomever else is left behind. Doing the usual…cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, schlepping up dog poop. And hunched over my computer day in, day out.

.Are you feeling sorry for me yet? Can you hear the violins playing for my pity party?

But since this is a New Year and a new phase of my life, (I’ve recently joined the half century club – oh joy), I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, and  I WANT SUN. So I offered to take my 16 year old daughter and 2 of her friends to Hawaii for a week. Without my husband or son – a girls’ road trip over March break. I figured  I could soak up some rays, do a little shopping, relax, unwind and since she would have her friends along, she would be happy too. Brilliant, right? The Demon Child totally jumped on my suggestion and signed her friends up within moments of my uttering those fatal words.

Amazing how quickly teenagers can respond to something that interests them – who would have guessed?!

So now we’re really going…to Waikiki…for 6 days.

Reality is settling in and I’m starting to shake. Each of the parents has taken me aside and murmured how brave and wonderful I am. What the heck have I done??? Three beautiful, headstrong, hormonal 16 year old girls, including the Demon Child, and me spending 6 days together in a hotel room. Deep breath now.

Okay…well I’m not totally nuts; I have rented a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite at one end of the beach. Should be a little quieter here I think, I hope. And I’ve read them the riot act: NO boys, NO alcohol, NO drugs, in the room by 11pm and they MUST have dinner with me every night.

Doesn’t matter that I’ve never been to Waikiki or Honolulu before. And doesn’t matter that it’s been 12 years since I’ve visited Hawaii at all and then it was only Kauai. Not much difference between Kauai 12 years ago and Waikiki now, right? And who cares when if the Demon Child has a melt down? Just because she’s had a temper tantrum at some point on each of our trips the past few years. And no way the 3 girls will have a fight – after all, they’re BFF’s.

Stop with the negative chatter…only positive thinking from here on. This is a brilliant plan, remember?!

So, I’m going to load up my ipod with lots of happy music (What a wonderful World), pack light-hearted books and magazines, bring feel good clothes, and PRAY. I think I’ll also stock up on coffee and wine the moment we land..lots of each…TONS in fact… just for me.

Yeah, I must be batty, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. Really!


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