It’s great to be appreciated – thanks a million

Many thanks to CandyBottoms for the Versatile Blogger Award and mucho thanks to Talesfromthemotherland for the Sunshine Award. What a wonderful way to start the week!

I’m going to do a combined post here – share 7 things about myself and answer the 10 questions below. Must be efficient. (Sorry, my business background asserts itself in strange ways at strange times)

So let’s start with the 7 things:

1) West Vancouver could be the perfect location for The Stepford Wives – women here have long blond hair, are slim, workout most days (pilates, spin, and ultimate core are the most popular), drive large SUV’s (Range Rover, Lexus and BMW are favourites), own an entire closet full of Lululemon and live on skinny lattes. – at least I don’t have long hair!

2) Drivers in West Van are among the worst in the world – souped up mega expensive cars driven on very steep and often slippery slopes by folks that should NOT have licenses.

3) Currently there is a construction boom in my neighbourhood – at least 6 huge new homes are being built within a 2 block radius, and a few others are undergoing major renovations. This makes for even worse traffic than usual and grumpy neighbours. And grumpy me!

4) I’ve been married for almost 27 years…to the same man. I can hardly believe it myself.

5) My daughter is an absolute clone of my husband; the thing is I’ve had 27 years to correct his flaws – after 16 years, I’ve barely made a dent in hers. Good thing they’re both so charming!

6) I’m still trying to get my manuscript, The Trouble With Queenie published, but lately it  has been tough slogging. Currently my plan is to find an agent and try again. If you are one, or know of any, PLEASE let me know.

7) I am now a blogger on Huffington Post 🙂 You can find me on the Canadian site in the Living section here : Christie Russell. So, confession time: Huffington Post has all kinds of rules about transparency and the like (as they should), so I had to use my real name, Christie…Rita is my grandmother’s name, and hopefully my pen name for my novel.

And now the 10 questions.

favourite colour – pink as a colour to wear, but old gold/mustard as a colour to live with in my home

favourite animal – Labrador retriever – really

favourite number – 7 always has been

favourite non-alcoholic drink – plain Pellegrino/Perrier

facebook or twitter – facebook; I admit I just don’t see the point of twitter – now I really do sound like l’m a thousand years old

my passions – traveling, hiking, pilates, kayaking, reading, writing

giving or receiving presents – definitely giving – I’m a Leo after all

favourite pattern – hmmm. Have to think about this one…the golden ratio.

favourite day of the week – Friday for the anticipation of the weekend

favourite flower – boring I know


Now the hardest part – passing the torch to deserving bloggers. Once again I have to say that lately I’ve been reading predominately websites of publishing companies, agents who represent children’s writers and writers themselves. And Huffington Post.

Doesn’t leave much time to search out new and wonderful bloggers, even though I know there are tons out there.  I will, however, highlight a couple that I do enjoy:

She Can’t Be Serious

Parenting, Illustrated with crappy pictures

Susan Kiernan-Lewis

The Hungry Novelist

So thanks again but gotta run now – my dogs are moaning and the mountains are calling. Really!


2 thoughts on “It’s great to be appreciated – thanks a million

  1. Bravo Rita/Christie! For the record, I never gave your name away, but now that you’re out! Congrats on the awards and on the Huffington jig! Wow. Now I’m dying to have coffee… want to hear all the details of how that came about, and maybe we can compare notes about this whole crazy publishing thing. 😉 Nice job.

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