One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Lately my daughter, the Demon Child and I have been getting along quite well. We’ve been talking about  her classes for next year, ideas for university, clothes, shopping…usual girl stuff. In fact, I was even considering re-christening her with a new name, like Weird One or Sponge Bobbette or.. . Whether it was the anticipation of our girls trip to Hawaii (see Brilliant, Brave or Just Plain Batty), maturity, or forced proximity, our relationship seemed to be thriving.

Until last night. Last night the Demon Child returned in full force.

In the afternoon the mom of one of the girls going to Hawaii with us came over. She had some items she wanted to discuss which involved various important health and medical issues faced by her daughter. As we chatted I reiterated my “rules for playing nice.” – no alcohol, no boys, the three girls sticking together at all times, a curfew of not later than midnight and dinner together every night. After all, my daughter and her two friends are 16 and in grade 11; I am the only grown-up on the trip. I did inform the mom that I will be consuming some alcohol during the trip, and plan to have some in the room – I have a feeling I am going to need the occasional glass of chardonnay or corona or Mai Tai or…
Because of the age of the girls, the reality of a foreign country with different drinking ages than Canada, I wanted to clarify any and all concerns before we go. The last thing I want is for any of us to land in jail or the hospital due to silly preventable behaviour. Yep, we’re leaving the still and the grow op at home.

Last night that same girl hosted a party for her boyfriend which my daughter attended. The Demon Child was all excited as she got ready for the party, and asked me to pick her up at midnight. Which I did.

And then I got an absolute earful.

“Mom, how could you? You’re the worst mother in the world! I thought you’d changed but obviously you haven’t!”

“What did I do?” I didn’t do anything!? Really!

“You told my friend’s mom that she had been drinking, and you got all mad at her and yelled at her. Mom, how could you? I’m NEVER going to tell you anything ever again.”

“But I didn’t do that – I expressed concern about all you girls doing silly stuff but blah blah blah.”

Do you remember that game telephone from when you were a kid? One person would tell the next a “secret”, and the “secret” would be shared around the circle. Inevitably the “secret” at the end would be completely different from the “secret” at the beginning.Well, that’s my situation; the mom and I had a normal, reasonable conversation that was totally morphed and changed into something unrecognizable when discussed among the teenage girls, and then explained to me. When I tried to explain that to the Demon Child she didn’t buy it; nope, much easier to cast mom as the villain.

Do you think there’s still time to cancel the trip? Do you think the girls will forget all about this and not be angry? What if they won’t speak to me? Maybe then I’ll have a really relaxing and peaceful vacation. Yeah, and maybe hell will freeze over.



10 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

  1. Well, my experience is they get over it when they want something. And Hawaii is a big something. I got reamed Friday night for not answering my phone so my daughter couldn’t tell me that she scored at an away game. Regrettable, maybe, but not tragic. And for the record, my daughter never answers when I call her. Dad, however gets a free ride. Why is that? Another great post, by the way!

    • Surprise, surprise — my daughter made no mention of the matter the next day, or the next. Either she decided that her friends were exaggerating (and I was telling the truth) or she decided to let it go as we are going to Hawaii soon. Of course, that meant I didn’t receive an apology, but I figure baby steps…

  2. I really hope you’re blogging way down the line when the Demon Child has her own offspring. It’s going to be very satisfying to see her going through all she’s putting you through 😉 You are such a trooper for hosting this trip to Hawaii! Should you need another chaperone, I could very easily make myself available. I’m thinking “Bebe’s First Polynesian Vacay.”

    • We may have a long wait before the Demon Child has kids of her own – she recently informed me that she is NEVER having children. Why? Because she herself was so awful at 13, she doesn’t want to live through that ever again. The thing is, she’s right – she was TERRIBLE at 13!

  3. Thanks! When I last checked the weather forecast for Honolulu, imagine my delight when I saw they’ve been having record rainfall, tornadoes and flooding. I really hope someone takes pity on me and lets the sun shine. Either that or we’ll have to buy new suitcases to deal with our shopping (in lieu of tanning).

  4. Hey Rita! Great post! Good luck in Hawaii! Hopefully you will get some chance to relax. Hey…kids that age sleep in so you may be fine.

  5. I’m still stuck on the idea of you in Hawaii with 3 teen girls… a friend who I sent your way, and I were talking about it the other day. We can’t wait to read about it! You know there’s still time to take a nanny: me, take me!

    In the meantime, wanted to let you know that I’ve tagged you with the Good Apple Award for blogs. Sorry to put my info here, but that’s part of the deal. Check out the details and I think your answers could be very fun! Aloha!

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