I’m a Survivor, I’m Gonna Make it…

Yep, I survived a week with three 16 year old girls in Hawaii… with variable weather (mostly good)…and millions of tourists…and thousands of stores… and hundreds of restaurants. Let me tell you, there were times when I didn’t think I would make it…the drama, OH THE DRAMA. The Princess, the Sweetie Pie, and the Weird One brought new meaning to my life. Really! The good news is that I now have tons of stories to blog about. The bad news is that I am so f***ing tired.

Even though we weren't going on a survival trip in the desert, we could have - we had all the necessary stuff!

We had more drama (in addition to the previous post) before we left – the day before, the Princess sent a text message to the Sweetie Pie informing her that there might not be room in her mom’s SUV to drive the Sweetie Pie to the airport. Panic all round – keep in mind that a cab ride from our neighbourhood to the airport is $50-$60, so not inexpensive. After a flurry of emails, texts and phone conversations, I sorted things out with all. The Princess’ mom did in fact drive us all to the airport, and the Princess had a bag almost twice as large as mine and my daughter’s and the Sweetie Pie had a teeny tiny carry on bag.

Check-in was also an issue. I did web check in for myself, my daughter (the Weird One) and the Sweetie Pie the day before. I printed out boarding passes for the three of us. Not rocket science. The Princess’ mom assured me that the Princess’ dad would take care of the same for the Princess.

Famous last words.

Apparently the Princess was checked in online, but the family couldn’t figure out how to print a boarding pass. It’s really not that difficult people! Luckily after taking a slow, round about LONG route, we managed to find a nice check-in lady at the airport who sorted things out for us. We did not fly Air Canada so we had great service! I had also booked a seat far, far away from the girls, but that didn’t come to pass either. Someone upstairs took pity on me though, because the two huge teenage boys sitting beside me moved; as a result I was in the same row as the girls, but had 3 seats to myself. Yes!

Flight was fine, picked up baggage without any problems (except the Princess had a little trouble lugging her enormous bag all by herself) and caught a taxi to our hotel where we hit the jackpot. We scored a huge 2 bedroom ocean view suite on the 25th floor of the Ilikai Hotel.
Now, you might wonder why I’ve been referring to my daughter as the Weird One as opposed to the Demon Child in this post. Let’s just say that it became apparent after this week, that a rebranding of said child is totally in order. After all, how else can you describe a beautiful 16 year old girl with a figure to die for (PLEASE don’t tell her I said that!) who insists on donning her morph suit the first night we’re in Hawaii so she can “troll lovers” and ask them if they want a threesome. Her words, her idea not mine

And she has a thing for statues! – material for another blog, another day. So, for the next few posts I will hopefully delight you with weird and wonderful true stories.

In the meantime, Aloha!

4 thoughts on “I’m a Survivor, I’m Gonna Make it…

  1. I know the feeling of being proud of surviving…I just came back from an 8-day 5-school 1300 mile college road trip with my son and 2 of his friends, all 17. I started the trip with a short list of rules and you will be amused that I had to add one more about “no hitting” BOYS!

    • You rock! And I totally get it about the no hitting rule – I have an 18 year old son in first year university and lets just say the fur flies when he and his sister get together – especially during a road trip, 🙂

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