Surprise, Surprise – It’s Raining in the Pacific Northwest, So

it must be FallWinter,  Spring 🙂

Yes, apparently spring has sprung in Vancouver. I know this because it’s birthday month in our household for my son, my daughter and my husband. Yep, they’re all Taurus – do you feel my pain now?! And my husband and I will also celebrate our wedding anniversary in the next couple of weeks. The Obnoxious One turned 19 last week – a milestone in Canada as he is now of legal age to drink.

He phoned to tell me, ” Mom, it’s not as much fun going to bars and trying to get served now that I’m legal.”

“Gee that’s too bad dear. Guess you’ll have to do something else with your time – like study or read or work out or…”

“Oh Mom, don’t be so silly.” Right, of course.

In the meantime it’s raining here…still…a lot. So I have happy but wet and stinky dogs 24/7.

In the springtime every year for the past ten years, we have undertaken a renovation in our current house. Some were very exciting, like the new kitchen, or the new master bedroom and ensuite (especially after a major flood ruined the carpet and floor underneath.) Some were not very exciting like the new roof (cedar shakes  –  EXTREMELY expensive) or the new deck/patio like last year. Unfortunately because we had record rainfalls last spring and summer in Vancouver, the work went on  forever and forever and forever after that.

This year is no different so far in terms of rain.

The final reno we have to do here  – yes I know, famous last words – is the front driveway and carport/garage. (we have a carport – my husband wants a garage.) This reno was supposed to happen two years ago, but  I actually vetoed it (a very rare occasion  – really!); so instead we did the back deck/patio. This was done to prevent lawsuits from injuries the kids’ friends were bound to sustain on the ancient tile that was broken and slippery and collapsing …and was not pretty!

So we have rip out and redo the front driveway because it is too steep and too narrow and people fall down it trying to get to our front door in the winter. When it’s slippery from the rain, and of course it rains here. A lot.

But this really is the last renovation. One way or another – I say this as I listen to the jack hammer pounding away just outside the kitchen where I am writing. Before this house, we owned another house for ten years, and we renovated it room by room, year by year, always in the spring. I must be a glutton for punishment.

So guess what I`m thinking? After ten years of renos and happy living in this home, maybe it`s time to move. The fact is, our neighbourhood is changing a great deal, and real estate is hot right now in our 10 block radius. Of course, who knows whether anyone will want to buy THIS house which I actually really like. But…

What if we could sell and buy a house further from the city but closer to the ocean? Away from the traffic and noise. Away from noisy neighbours, bad drivers, and constant construction. Such a location does exist, and it`s only 10 minutes further along the highway. My husband and I are keen and my son is intrigued. But…my daughter, the Weird One is adamantly opposed.

“Mom, we are NOT moving, EVER!

“Really darling?”

“Well, at least not until I`ve graduated from high school.” That’s just one year away.

“In the past few days we`ve had the real estate agent come by and the marketing guy and the measurer and soon the stager.”

“Mom, no! I already live too far from my friends.I`m NOT moving from here.”

“Well, you’ll have a nice time living here with the new owners. We`ll miss you though.”

Which is really too bad because she and I have been getting along pretty well lately. We’re both convinced that the other has mellowed and matured.

P.S. Of course once I finished writing this post, guess what happened? It stopped raining! Hmmm…maybe I should write about the rain more often.


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