Happy Birthday to you and you and you

My daughter’s birthday was last week. I should have known there was going to be trouble when she announced at breakfast that she was not happy about turning 17. When asked why, she responded:

“Mom, my life is easy this year. I have very little stress right now. My classes aren’t hard, I have friends and I have a boyfriend. But the future is scary. I’m nervous about going to university, deciding what I want to study and what I want to do. I don’t want to get a job and move out. I just want to stay here forever.”

“You sound  like Peter Pan and his song,

I won’t grow up,
(I won’t grow up)
I don’t want to wear a tie.
(I don’t want to wear a tie)
And a serious expression
(And a serious expression)
In the middle of July.
(In the middle of July)
And if it means I must prepare
To shoulder burdens with a worried air,

I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up
Not me,
Not I,
Not me!
So there!

Of course I totally forgot about that during the course of the day when I busy running around picking up groceries, doing a zillion loads of laundry, purchasing and wrapping birthday presents.

That evening the four of us met at the restaurant of her choice.

My husband, the Original Obnoxious One, was annoyed because he was on time for the dinner reservation and I was late – his time is money, and mine…is not. My son, the Obnoxious One, was annoyed because he didn’t like the restaurant; I told him to suck it up and gave him the evil eye. My daughter, the Weird One was annoyed at having to interact with her brother; for 9 months she had been an only child and enjoyed having her own space, having my full attention. Also she had overdosed  on sugar so not hungry because she’d already consumed a birthday pie, and part of a birthday cake provided by random boys at school.  I was annoyed because everyone else was annoyed and I had organized everything. I wanted everyone to be nice…and happy.

Ve vill have fun damn it!

After dinner we drove home for dessert and presents. We all decided that we were too full for birthday pie, even though it was raspberry rhubarb that I had picked up specially from the Savoury Island Pie company that afternoon. As the Obnoxious One expressed his delight in each of his presents, my daughter morphed into the Demon Child. Her reactions to her presents grew worse and worse. Her tone of voice grew more and more nasty..

“Oh great, a gift card from Starbucks. How original mom.” hmm…

“Oh wow, body cream that you buy me on a regular basis anyways.” Just bite your tongue

“Razors? Really? What were you thinking?!” I’m sitting on my hands so I don’t slug her!

“I WAS thinking that your main gift will be an iphone which you and I will sort out together. I WAS thinking that it would be fun for you to open a few presents on your birthday even though you didn’t give me any indication of what you wanted –  and you are SO very particular.” And you are such an ungrateful so and so.

“You go and get me the iphone tomorrow when I’m at school. You don’t work.” Just  push all my hot buttons why don’t you

“No darling, you need to come with me. And I do have other things I need to do tomorrow.”

The gauntlet was tossed and the results, in hindsight, were predictable. Quibbling turned into arguing, and arguing turned into yelling and door slamming and…

For some reason this argument on this evening disturbed me more than usual; I was REALLY upset. So, I gave myself a timeout – I retreated to my room and read my book for over an hour.Of course during that time the Demon Child tried a couple of times to bully me into agreeing to get the iphone on my own, but I held firm. My son and husband thought the Demon Child was over the top as usual, and rude and inappropriate but…

I was really tired from travelling across the country. I was really tired from hauling my son’s belonging up two flights of stairs. And of course I was really tired from running around  doing everything for everyone.

By the time I did try to go to sleep, my brain was whirring and churning and my husband was snoring loudly and thrashing widely. Sleep was not something that came that night.

Nevertheless at breakfast the next morning guess who said,

“So when are you picking up my up my iphone?”

And guess who blew their top?

to be continued…


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