Would you believe the dog ate my homework?

NO? Ok, how about the electrician fried my hard drive. Really!

One of the first steps of our annual reno this year was the upgrade of the house’s electrical system. Definitely necessary as it had been added to higgly piggly style over the years. Black outs were common as was confusion over which breaker controlled which outlet. After a couple of days of pain – guys tramping here, there and everywhere in and outside of my house, power surges and power outages, my poor old hard drive finally said enough and is enough and gave up. Great – ALL our family photos for the past several years, contacts, writing, kids homework, etc., etc..You can imagine how thrilled I was..and still am.

Yea, so in the meantime I am using a laptop I’m not familiar with. This old dog is learning some new tricks.

As well, on recommendation of the real estate agent we hired a couple of guys to do some power washing at the back.  After all the rain this winter and more rain this spring, our grey decks turned green and slimy in spots. They told me the dates that were convenient for them  – which happened to be when I was away helping my son to move out of university residence and into his rental house. So not really that convenient for me as I would not be around to supervise… whatever just get it done. Well, on my return I saw dirt and slime on one of my decks as well as a bill for $500. When I called to ask if they really did clean that deck, I was informed, “of course, we do FABULOUS work!” Thanks for telling me – I never would have guessed!

But as my daughter likes to point out, I am rather stubborn; I am also a fanatic about getting my money’s worth. Just ’cause I’m blond and live in West Vancouver doesn’t mean I’m stupid! So after more examination and phone calls – to the folks who had recommended them – the guys came back and power washed the decks again. The decks did look better but not as good as last year after MY guy cleaned them for $300. But enough…let’s just say I’ll be using my own folks from now on.

But back to ….Happy Birthday to you and you and you…

After the Demon Child’s antics on her 17th birthday followed by a mostly sleepless night, I was a FINE shape. Really! And the request demand for the new iphone the next day went over SO well….

after some yelling

and apologizing

followed by more text demands requests during school

and text apologies

I did what any mother of a challenging teenager does...I gave in. I figured I’d made my point enough and decided that I didn’t want any more harassment. After she walked home from school and the timing was convenient for me, we went to the mall. And there we did purchase the latest and the greatest iphone.

But this time the Demon Child was very appreciative. She must have thanked me and her dad at least 20 times.

Hmmm…maybe there’s hope for the Demon Child yet, and she’ll revert back to the Weird One. Thank goodness because after dealing with her, moving my son, cracking the whip on the power washers, dealing with my electrician, sorting out my hard drive…I’m tiredand it’s my husband’s birthday in two days…


cartoons are courtesy iclipart.com


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