Nobody told me yesterday was Friday the 13th

Ever have one of those days where everything that could go wrong does? Where everything you’ve been waiting months for suddenly occurs…on exactly the same day…at exactly the same time? That was my delightful day yesterday.

Yesterday started off normally – I drove my daughter to school, got the dogs fed and organized, went to my pilates class, late as usual. Heck, I even grabbed a latte after pilates. All good, until I arrived home to utter chaos.

To recap, we are commencing a month long renovation project to enclose the carport, update and improve the front driveway and redo the steps leading to the front door. In conjunction with this work we are upgrading the electrical and water systems. This means that concrete and aggregate needs to be jack-hammered and removed


trenches need to be dug and messes need to be made.


In the meantime I have a manuscript to rewrite and a ladies’ lunch to host.

In the meantime my son is trying to find a summer job.

In the meantime my daughter has essays due, exams to study for and a busy social life to attend to. – can you see my eyes rolling with that last bit?!

In the meantime my puppy had minor surgery so we need to keep him quiet and clean.

We hoped the work would have begun weeks ago, but no, yesterday was the day. So we had three guys demolishing the outdoor shed, plus the electrician, plus the contractor, plus six guys with jack hammers and a backhoe demolishing everything in sight…including the glass beside the front door. Whoops.


And yesterday was the only day this week my cleaning lady could come, so the lovely sound of the vacuum enhanced the drone of the jack hammer.


The gardeners also thought it was a good day to show up, so they weaved their mowers and weed whackers through the obstacle course to the backyard.


Low and behold then Everything Wine decided it was the perfect opportunity to deliver the four cases of wine my husband had ordered on the weekend. Of course one of the cases contained the wrong wine – not sure if it was our screw up or theirs, but whatever – so they had to return it and bring another one back.

And I should mention that the city in its infinite wisdom recently “updated” our street by adding a sidewalk, curbs and defined parking areas. But there appears to be a mini building boom in our neighbourhood as six new homes are under construction within a two block radius. This means that parking spots, which are already rare, have become non existent. So in front of our house we had assorted trucks and cars from a dozen guys, plus the backhoe, plus the gardener’s truck and trailer, plus the wine van, plus the enormous van belonging to the neighbour’s gardener.

How do you spell gong show? – my house yesterday

During a lull, I managed to escape with the dogs as they needed a walk and I needed something – too early for wine so I had to settle for a brisk walk. 😉 Thought I’d also run a few errands like check in with Future Shop to determine the status of my laptop. (I had to take it in last week because the USB ports were not working) Imagine my shock  disgust fury when they had no idea where my laptop was or what state it was in…I glared at all the sales people there (I do a mean evil eye)  for a solid 45 minutes until some poor sucker tracked it down – and told me that no one had started working on it yet. Can you imagine my delight at this stage? – no neither could I!


And just to make sure my day ended on a really happy note, I received an email from my daughter’s math teacher.Turns out my darling daughter had a math test yesterday…which she had forgotten about (really??)...and so somehow excused herself from writing?! Okay, so who does that? Personally I think the teacher should have given her a big fat zero, but instead he is allowing her to write the test tomorrow. She also had a large English essay due today which she wanted my help on last night.


And my husband was out of town, so there was no one to play interference between us. It is the rule in our house – whenever the shxx hits the fan, by definition he is in a different location, usually in a different time zone. Always I swear!

Let’s just say I’ve had better evenings.

But today is a new day.

And now I have 4 cases of wine 🙂 Really!



4 thoughts on “Nobody told me yesterday was Friday the 13th

  1. Too funny!! And to think that I called during the mass of your chaos and dump!! Well, at least it gave you something else to think about! Hope the today was a better day and you were able to partake in the wine from yesterday.

  2. Today was much quieter – relatively! The jack hammering continued, but at least everything else was relatively calm. Of course, that could all change when my daughter – who’s grounded – gets home.

  3. So funny that the cases of wine came on such a crazy day, haha. I love that last picture especially. And now I’m wondering why I don’t have cases of wine delivered to my house. Hmmmm….

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