The curse of the social teenaged kids…

Okay, so when you’re pregnant you get tons of attention and tons of advice. Some terrible, but some pretty good. Especially the parts about sleeping before popping out those babies because afterwards you just never know. Well, actually you do, but you just don’t want to admit it.

BUT, how come no one warns you about the horrors, delights, curse of the teenage years? When I was a teen, I was pretty boring; I was a brainy nerd and a geeky non-athlete. My parents had to bribe me to leave the house outside of school hours. I was the kid that had big thick glasses until she was 16, and then braces; I’m talking serious heavy duty railroad tracks, not the flimsy little things they call braces today. Those braces lasted until university. In my town the brawny football players were the popular guys who dated the tiny giggly cheerleaders. Not quite me.

As a result, I had no idea of how to deal with social, friendly, attractive (some have even said gorgeous) teen-aged children. No one warned me about:

  • the lack of sleep…for years and years every single weekend
  • the worry…every weekend and some weekdays
  • the mental challenges of helping kids with high school homework, especially when you’re sleep deprived &/or menopausal 24/7

Now I must clarify that my kids have been not too too terrible – they’ve had their moments, but as of yet no arrests, no nights in jail, no nights in the ER. Hey don’t laugh or roll your eyes because I know a lot of folks in my community who can’t say the same thing! Nevertheless there have been lots of temper tantrums, screaming and yelling. And not just by my kids.But also by my husband.

And okay occasionally…by me.

But the thing that is really getting to me right now is lack of sleep. Both of my kids have a TON of friends which may be nice and good for them, BUT it means we have discussions/arguments/fights over curfew most weekends. AND it means that I stay up until whatever the enforced agreed upon hour. Since my darling workaholic husband is up most mornings at 6am and in the office before 7am, he is in bed reading and relaxing most evenings by 9:30 pm; sometimes on a really exciting evening  he’s awake until 10:00 pm. Yep, the Original Obnoxious One really lives on the edge, it’s true.

Now both our kids tend to be night owls and like to push the envelope as far as time home is concerned. When my son, the Obnoxious One was 15, 16, 17 and 18, I made sure I was ALWAYS awake when he came home; I wanted to make sure he knew I would be waiting up for him…to see him and hug him. Numerous times he complained that he was the only guy in West Van that had a curfew. Yea, really! And while I HOPE that was not entirely true, I certainly knew many, many MANY boys with no curfew whatsoever. Now that he’s turned 19 and has lived this past year away from home, I must admit I don’t tend to wait up for him as much….I’m getting old and tired …and can’t get up every morning at 11am or noon like him.

Now my daughter, the Weird One…always a challenge. She has asked about her brother’s curfew – I let her know that hers’ is the same as his was when he was 17. However, I did admit to her that I am more concerned about her being out late at night than I ever was about him. Double standard? – you betcha!

Regardless, the Weird One MAKES me tired, and sometime I wonder if it’s done on purpose. Like the weekend she and her boyfriend went to a concert in Burnaby that ended at 10:30pm but didn’t get home until 1:30am. Yea, 1:30 am!  Apparently they went for food at Denny’s afterwards and bused and walked home the 24 kilometers or 15 miles ; she was too cheap to use the money I gave her for a taxi! Besides she wanted to walk off the calories from the dessert at Denny’s. Or the Saturday night when she got home at 11pm – great – but then wanted me to help her with homework! After discussing, fighting and hiding (in the bathroom) I did capitulate and help her for 10 minutes set up a shot for her animation film project. Argggh – she could try the patience of a saint! – which I am not! And with the end of school looming, she has been demanding my brain power for essay writing  and studying and filming. Last time I ever admit I’m a writer!

So yea, I’ve been tired lately…but the good news is that the Weird One goes to camp soon – she’s going to be a Camp Counselor at a YMCA Camp for 8 weeks. Then I can sleep.


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