I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor…

Yep, it’s true.  My Boa Constrictor= my front yard reno. Anyone remember this song but me??? This reno has taken on a life of its own. Just what are we doing this time you might wonder? Oh, just a couple of small things like:

  1. digging out and removing the old asphalt driveway
  2. upgrading the electrical system
  3. upgrading the water system
  4. jackhammering, and removing aggregate concrete stairway down to front door
  5. pouring new stairs out of concrete tinted dark grey
  6. building a retaining wall for the low side of the driveway
  7. removing the concrete floor of the carport, and installing proper supports
  8. laying new concrete floor with tons of rebar
  9. moving and redoing the rock wall on high side of driveway
  10. laying down paving stones for driveway
  11. installing lights on retaining wall
  12. building and installing hand railing for steps to front door
  13. installing lights in hand railing
  14. building posts for top of driveway building garage from carport and installing garage door
  15. building and insulating garage, including installing garage door

So yea, just a tiny little reno. Should take no time at all, right? Except that May was the wettest and coldest month in Vancouver in 40 years. So that when all that old concrete was removed, my front yard turned into a mud pit. Which sucked up everyone and everything around it, including dogs, children, shoes, boots…

Plus for the past twenty years we have used the same contractor…except this time. He’s been hired to do a major full on house rebuild and is two years into it. Goodness knows how much longer he will be. So we hired another contractor, who is fine. But we don’t have the same history, that same understanding.

So, we’ve had a couple of blips like…Tthe upgrade of the electrical system fried my computer – yes I know I’ve whined about this already, but it’s been a big deal! Then, after the new concrete steps were poured it rained for 3 days. Which was okay (kind of) but the rain blew the leaves from the trees down on the concrete and the leaves stuck to the concrete and turned the concrete green and yellow in places that were supposed to be grey. Just grey. So far no luck in removing the stains.

So guess what? Before the work was all done my husband and I took off. Yep, we got our 17 year old  Weird One to camp, shipped our doggies off to doggie camp and left our 19 year old son at home. Our fingers and toes are crossed that all will be well. We took off on a cruise to Russia.

And it’s pretty cool 😉 except that the internet connection sucks. Oh well.



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