My hubby has a new name

Yep, my dear darling hubby whom I usually refer to as the Original Obnoxious One now has a new name: Captain Dumb Dumb. And he even likes it. Really!

For the past several months my hubby has been working like a madman – lots of long days, late nights and travelling. The good news is that he really enjoys his new firm and the complexity and challenge of his position, but the bad news is that the work has been taking its toll; after all he’s not young man of twenty anymore.

my dear darling hubby, courtesy

The Original Obnoxious One disappeared and was replaced by the Exhausted One. So, we decided to take off for two weeks – from the office, the reno, the teenagers and the dogs – just the two of us. I booked us on a ten day Baltic cruise and added on three nights in Copenhagen at the start and two nights in Stockholm at the end. We figured correctly the kids wouldn’t be too upset missing this holiday.

” Mom, that’s an old guy’s trip – enjoy it but count me out,” commented our son the Obnoxious One.

I started packing my stuff and my hubby’s stuff – we needed more stuff than usual since not only were we cruising,but the weather in the Baltic region is changeable and unpredictable at best. So, we needed raincoats, rain shoes, and lots of layers in case it was cold or warm or even hot.  At least my hubby was happy that this cruise called for “country club attire” so no tuxes, suits or ties were necessary. He even came home early from the office each of the two days prior to our departure so that he could finish packing. Since he showed an interest and took the time, I assumed he knew what he was doing.

But you know what they say about assume – when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Yea, really!

When we reached Copenhagen on a glorious sunny afternoon and started unpacking in our hotel room, guess what we found – or rather what we didn’t find? My dear darling husband had forgotten to pack:

  1.  shorts, even though I just bought him 2 new pair and placed them right beside his suitcase
  2. sports/casual jacket, even though I bought him one a couple of weeks prior, one that he even liked and wore to New York

Oh yea, and the little package of paperwork and documentation that the cruise line sent us. That’s all!

Before I started to panic and hyperventilate too severely, my darling husband sent an email to Lily, our travel agent extraordinaire, telling her that I had forgotten to pack the information. Horrified at such a gross misstatement of the facts, I sent Lily an email myself explaining that it was all Captain Dumb Dumb’s fault. Even Lily was shocked that Captain Dumb Dumb could do – or rather not do – all that. Poor Lily phoned us, phone the cruise line and phoned us again – all well before 8am on a Saturday morning. It’s really a wonder she doesn’t fire silly clients like us – must be Captain Dumb Dumb’s charm and good looks. 🙂

In the end all was ok – we bought the Captain a new pair of shorts in Copenhagen which he wore every single day of the trip (believe me, I’m tempted to burn them now)  and wonderful Lily made sure the cruise was a success despite the missing paperwork.

And beyond these first few hiccups, the trip WAS an amazing treat, but that’s for another post.

the Captain and I, courtesy


P.S. Why, you might ask, didn’t I just pack the cruise documents with my stuff? Because Captain Dumb Dumb always always always insists on packing and carrying all travel related documents – passports, Nexus cards, plane tickets, boarding cards, etc. – for the entire family.


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