A son any mom would be proud of

So when my hubby, Captain Dumb Dumb and I escaped for 2 weeks from the renos, the kids, the dogs and the weather, we left our 19 year old son home alone. Our daughter, the Weird One, was working at a residential YMCA Camp so was out of the picture. (we thought) As you might imagine, we were a little nervous.

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Ok, I was actually scared stiff.

Yes, we had multiple discussions – he and I, his dad and him  and the 3 of us. Again and again we said:

  • no parties, but you can have a few people over
  • no illegal substances or activities in the house
  • don’t drink and drive
  • remember to take out the garbage
  • don’t spend too much money
  • look after your sister if she comes home on the weekend

When we booked the cruise we figured our son, the Obnoxious One would have a job. Early in the summer he had several promising leads – host in a restaurant, server , bar tender… Unfortunately the economy in Vancouver is not that different from the rest of North America; jobs for university students were very hard to come by even in coffee shops and restaurants as employers wanted kids who would be around come September. And jobs were even tougher to get for kids with little or no experience like the Obnoxious One.

Because our trip was paid for and my hubby and I both needed a vacation badly, we went anyway. But, I kept my fingers crossed the whole time and said a little prayer every night.

In the meantime, I did text&/or email the Obnoxious One every day or two.  Now which response do you think I received from him?

  1. Hi Mom and Dad. Everything here is great. No need to worry. I haven’t got a job yet but I had an interview and am still looking very hard. Hope you guys have a wonderful time in Europe.


2.   The house burnt down. I’m in jail and my sister was killed in a bus accident.

Yep, he sent the second response and I’m so proud. The Obnoxious One certainly knows how to calm his worry-wort mother down.That’s my boy. 🙂



4 thoughts on “A son any mom would be proud of

  1. Hmmm…turns out I had reason to be nervous. My daughter threw a party for 75 of her nearest and dearest friends the night before we returned. Took all of us a week to clean up afterwards!

  2. Yea, so now I get to be the designated parent who stays home this summer. My husband got to go to Whistler and Kamloops, and later this week is off to Chicago, while I am …grounded. Doesn’t seem fair somehow?!

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