So now Karma is laughing at me big time.

That’s right. Yesterday I was trying to excuse my lack of blogging lately (or doing much of anything) on the weather. And the spectacular place that is the Pacific Northwest on a sunny summer day. In retrospect maybe I was a little too smug.

After spending a couple of hours working on my novel rewrite, and an hour or so putting my blog post together, I headed out. After all, the house renos were continuing without me – the painter was painting the inside of the garage and the gardeners were moving rocks and dirt and other cool stuff. My husband was spending the afternoon and evening golfing in some tournament which was apparently work related (important client bonding event, darling),  my son was working at the restaurant, my daughter was working at camp…so I was footloose and fancy free. I went for a 15 minute drive with my young lab, Franklinstein, to Lighthouse Park. The older one is arthritic and slowing down, especially in the heat.

 Even though there were tons of people wandering around, the park is so large, and so full of nooks and crannies that we felt at one with nature pretty early on. Sublime.

Yes, I admit to relishing my situation. I live in this place and I love it. Please note Karma, you’ve already had your fun with me.

With the sunshine and the joy of freedom, I figured I may as well check out the spot we’ve been thinking of moving next – last time I went there was during the deep dark, cold rains of March. It was a beautiful drive past Horseshoe Bay along the Sea to Sky Highway .

I left the highway and drove down the little road to the subdivision. When I parked my car, however, I realized that something was wrong. I got out to investigate and discovered a  flat tire. Not just any flat tire, but a totally pulverized, flat as a pancake, tire. Here’s where Karma had her laugh. I knew my husband would be livid – he has a thing about cars and car trouble and somehow I have experienced a fair bit in my time.   So I called for roadside assistance and waited…and waited…and waited. The nice lady on the other end of the line assured me that help would arrive within 30 to 40 minutes. And yes, the guy arrived eventually…after about 75 minutes.

Meanwhile I was totally stuck, totally stranded in the middle of nowhere with my dog, no books, no newspaper, just my Blackberry.  So, I  took a couple of photos.

In the past I  wondered whether I could handle living in such a “remote” spot, after all, it’s a whole 10 minute drive on the highway to the nearest shopping mall! But, after spending more than an hour there today, all I can say is….BRING IT ON!

Heck, even Franklinstein approved.

 First I have to wait until my daughter finishes high school (1 more year) and the housing market picks up (who knows when) but then…

I’m yours – really!


6 thoughts on “So now Karma is laughing at me big time.

  1. Loving the photos. Not just a beautiful spot, but really great pictures. As someone recently moved from the hurly-burly of London to the semi-countryside, I relate to the feeling of “where is everything?!” But also the space and peace and freedom of the wide-open. Good on ya! 😉

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