The End of Summer and the Return of …

As much as I don’t want to admit summer is ending – ’cause it’s not – there’s a crispness in the air and the kids have gone back to school. So back to the routine. Back to the grind.  Which is not a bad thing, but since I am a Leo, a summer baby, I crave the warmth and the light of the sun.

So how did I end up in the Pacific Northwest? the things we do for love!

But we usually do have some good weather In Vancouver during the summer . And this year we’ve actually had quite a bit, but we still need more, ’cause summer’s not over.

But despite this glorious summer, dark ominous signs have started to appear, such as:

  • after 24 hours of travel from Stockholm to London to Vancouver across numerous time zones, we returned home only to discover that the night before, while we were on route, someone had a party at our home and invited 75 of her nearest and dearest friends
  • two weeks later while hiking in the alpine meadows at the top of Blackcomb mountain, I received several emergency texts from someone who was kicked out of her campground for noise violation and had no place to sleep (apparently her entire group of 75 were all kicked out)
  • ongoing debates regarding the need for a curfew ( I say yes at 11pm and she says no &/or at 2am or later)
  • after begging for money for food, my money was used to pay for the piercing of cartilage in her upper right ear
  • after trying to dye her hair dark brown, she left the dye on twice as long as instructed (because she was watching such an amazing episode of Gossip Girls), then screamed and cried when her hair turned out black.Duh?! Someone then demanded an immediate trip to the hair salon to fix the colour on a Sunday afternoon! She washed her hair numerous times with dandruff shampoo, but to no avail. At my suggestion, she concocted a paste of vitamin C and water and applied – and screamed some more due to the pain of the paste on her sensitive skin. But I was supposed to make it all better – asap without saying I told you so! (I failed – I fixed the pain with Bactine, but couldn’t keep my mouth shut)

So? There can only be one conclusion…the Demon Child is ba – ack in time for her last year of high school. Oh joy…sigh….

For much of last year my daughter revelled in the persona of the Weird One – she bought  sweaters with strange animal pictures on them, she bought big bulky animal costumes like a dinosaur and a seal. She also bought a Morph suit and donned it at very interesting moments, like on the beach in Hawaii at twilight.

She bought a Pikachu knapsack and took it to school every day until it broke. 

And she wore her Birkenstocks whenever weather permitted despite what her friends said.

But shortly after she turned 17, the world as we knew it began to change. She dumped her boyfriend of 5 months (the poor guy lasted longer than the last ) and she spent the summer working at the nearby YMCA overnight Camp. The tricky bit was that she was off every weekend…

There have been many, many screaming fights, arguments, discussions as well as consequences – loss of allowance for her and grounding for me, so she’s never home alone.Wish me luck. Say a prayer for me.

So this year I figure I’ll be spending lots of time in the canyon with my dogs,working on my novel (except I don’t smoke!),


and ordering boxes of wine to be delivered to my house.

Oh, and yeah , I’ve already booked the one week family vacation during the Christmas break to Los Cabos, Mexico. We have two rooms, and with a bit of luck…the kids’ room will be at the opposite end of the resort. Hey, I’ve got to have something to look forward to!



2 thoughts on “The End of Summer and the Return of …

  1. Haha, our lives are eerily similar in many ways…the cartilege piercing, the bookbag (although ours is Hello Kitty), the hair dye and the fact that it really was all our fault. I just sent one daughter off to college and the other just started high school. Oh yeah, and I have my own…everyone’s cell phone is broken to some degree, including my own. I really need that wine delivery, haha.

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