A Little Look at my Book

Dawn at Tales from the Motherland  tagged me last week in a “game” called the Look Challenge. The game is for bloggers who are also writers, and is a way to let others sneak a peek at your work.

courtesy iclipart.com

Here’s how it works: Search your manuscript for the word “look” and copy the surrounding paragraphs into a post to let other bloggers read. Then you tag five blogger/writers to invite them to the challenge.

So here goes. This excerpt is from the first chapter of my middle grade manuscript, The Trouble With Queenie. On the first day of school after a scolding from the Headmistress, Queenie rushes to her grade 5 classroom.

Boy oh boy, this place was crammed full of rules. How was I going to remember them all when I couldn’t remember to take off my shoes at home, let alone my pill? I couldn’t even remember to flush the toilet half the time, but that’s another story. Anyway, I slid around the corner, past the first door on the left and straight into my classroom, lifting my hand to high five Miss Parfait. When I screeched to a stop in the doorway, nineteen pairs of eyes were glued to me. Miss Parfait frowned as I slowly lowered my hand.  She also did that thing where she lifted one eyebrow at me. Never could figure out what that means.

The silence was deadly. I glanced at the faces around the room. Crap! I did not have long silky hair, and I was not tall and slim. My brown hair was really thick and stuck out all over the place no matter how much I brushed it. My eyes were brown, my front teeth were crazy-crooked and I was super skinny and short. My white button-down shirt already had a big stain from breakfast (strawberry jam), my tie had wilted from the milk spilled on it and my knee socks were bunched around my ankles. My mother had wanted me to clean up before school, but I ignored her. I figured there was no way the cool kids would look perfect in their itchy grey sweaters, white shirt and ties. Wrong again!

“Please have a seat right over there beside Kenneth, Queenie,” Miss Parfait said with icicles hanging off her voice, as she pointed to a serious Asian boy with glasses and thick black hair. “I was just welcoming the girls and boys to 5P and outlining the class rules. The first one is to always be on time. Always! You are four minutes late, Queenie.”

“Sorry, Miss Parfait.  It won’t happen again, I promise,” I mumbled as I collapsed into my chair at the very front of the classroom beside the door. I stole a peek at Kenneth who smiled at me. 

So now my turn to pass the Look Game along. At the Surrey International Writers’ Conference I met a group of wonderful writers, each of whom is attempting to write a novel in five months and blog about it. Since then I’ve been following their blog, and I must say I’ve really enjoyed their comments and their stories. See for yourself at 5 Writers 5 Novels 5 Months.

Now let’s hope they’ll play. Really!


7 thoughts on “A Little Look at my Book

  1. Keeping fingers double-crossed for you! I too was invited to submit. Am trying not to look for a reply when I check my emails.

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