I Love Grade 12. I Love Grade 12. I Love Grade 12.

Especially for the third time.Especially for the third time.Especially for the third time.

Do you think if I write it enough, I’ll believe it?

Many many years ago, back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, I was in Grade 12. And then Grade 13. See how old I am – betcha didn’t know they used to have Grade 13! Well they did in Ontario where I grew up. Then I went to university for a few years.

A little more recently my son went through Grade 12. And graduated. That was pretty amazing actually! And he now attends an excellent university, which is even more amazing. I didn’t have to help him very much in Grade 12 – he boarded at school during the week, and got whatever help he needed then. But I still experienced all the stress and all the pressure right there with him. 

But the Demon Child is an entirely different kettle of fish. Somehow I get dragged, kicking and screaming into everything she does. Well maybe not everything, but certainly a lot. Is it the ADHD? Is it the lazy stubborn gene? Is it the “I’m suffering now so you must suffer too” gene? – Yeah, that’s it. She definitely got that from my husband!

courtesy iclipart.com

You see, the problem with being “a writer” is that I get asked for help writing essays in English and History and Law…you get the picture. Then my assistance is also required for answering IB Geo questions and test studying and university applying . Everyday when Whenever I complain to my husband, Captain Dumb Dumb, he says: “Suck it up sweetie. You know the more you help her now, the more likely it is she’ll get into the university of her choice, and leave home next year.” Yeah okay, he’s right – for once. 

Which is all great, except when I have other things to do, like attend very important events. Yes, really necessary stuff like going out to see Skyfall with a bunch of lawyers, accountants and bankers. Hey, what could be better than that company plus food plus drinks plus Daniel Craig! Really!Then there was the Gold Medal Plates dinner in Vancouver this past Friday night. The food and wine were to die for. Absolutely exquisite. And we saw and chatted with a ton of old friends. Wonderful evening, except that I was doing Grade 12 homework for 2 hours before it was time to go! Okay, maybe I snatched 45 minutes for myself to get ready, but I still spent a couple hours working away. But at least the dogs didn’t throw up while I was getting dressed, I found everything I wanted to wear ahead of time, AND I didn’t spill makeup down the front of me like the last time I went to a fancy event – see I Really Should Give Up and Become A Hermit. And a miracle occurred when I got home – the Demon Child actually liked the dress I wore. A lot. I almost had a heart attack. Even she was shocked!

Just to be clear – that is NOT me, but that is the dress I wore by Free People.

So I spent all Saturday afternoon helping to write and polish a Grade 12 essay. It was so much fun. Yeah right.

Almost as much fun as the cold, dark and rainy days of November. Really!


5 thoughts on “I Love Grade 12. I Love Grade 12. I Love Grade 12.

  1. I so get this. My daughter is now a college freshman, on a soccer scholarship, sick of playing after one semester and now comes home only to fill her gas tank, hang with her boyfriend, and get my help writing papers. I have 2 themes for papers I need to “help” with this weekend: how politics is affected by the media and why couples divorce. That 2nd one should be fun…yet she won’t like any of my talking points. Just kidding, 🙂

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