I have a confession to make

Okay, well maybe two. I have 2 confessions to make.

1) I am nosy. I actually like to do research – a ton of it. I like to know exactly what makes something or someone tick.

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And this is a good thing, especially for a writer. It’s so important to observe…the people around you, the environment you inhabit, the smells and odors. Everything!


2) I am not the world’s best driver. See, I admit it! But, the Demon Child and the Original Obnoxious One think I rank right up with the world’s worst.

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I’m not that bad – I’m an adequate driver. Really!

Why am I telling you this? You may recall that my hubby and I have been thinking of moving once our daughter, the Demon Child, finishes high school. There are some very interesting places for sale past Horseshoe Bay on the way to Whistler.The Demon Child thinks we’re totally crazy to ever consider ever selling this house. You see, we have updated, revamped and renovated every square inch of our home. It was a west coast wonder built in the early 1970’s by a prominent local architect for himself and his family. And it’s pretty awesome – open floor-plan,  cedar ceilings, oak floors, fireplaces and lots of glass.  But the neighbourhood has changed. And our needs have changed. I want to become a hermit and live in the wilds on the ocean with my dogs. And my hubby. If he’s nice to me. 😉

So, there were a couple of new real estate listings last week in Howe Sound where the locations looked promising

courtesy mls realty


and the houses looked very interesting.

courtesy mls realty

I simply had to go and see them for myself. It was my calling, my destiny. Imagine my shock and horror when a retaining wall jumped out and bit my car. Really! Would I lie to you?! Luckily my husband, the Original Obnoxious One was out late that evening so I figured his eagle eyes wouldn’t land on that huge tiny scratch and massive minuscule dent and split in the bumper right away.I made an appointment with the lovely people at Craftsman Collision in North Vancouver the very next day ( I think I have them on speed dial) and challenged them to fix the entire bumper for me for 10 cents or less. Yeah, I know – I’m a pretty amazing negotiator. Well they gave me a quote for under $1,000 which I thought wasn’t too bad.Considering.

courtesy iclipart.com

But guess what the Original Obnoxious One said when I showed him the wall’s handiwork and gave him the quote?

“Rita, maybe you should take driving lessons.”

Really?! Come on now. I swear there are worse drivers than me in West Van. Besides what is it with men and cars?  Some kind of weird love fest? I just don’t get it!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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