So we had a super busy holiday season planned but we could still do more right?


What could possibly go wrong if we added a quick trip to Whistler?

We had some time before our family vacation to Los Cabos over New Years so we thought a couple days skiing at Whistler would be great. I was super keen because I had new skis that had never  been skied on. I got them last year on sale but since my daughter, the Demon Child, refused to go skiing with the family last year, my beautiful skis sat in the basement. All year all alone.

courtesy Armada

my Armada ARVw skis – gorgeous eh?

Well, they did have Franklinstein for company but still… Vancouver-20111027-00001

Since our delightful 17 and 19 year old children were going to be spending the next week in a room together (hopefully at the other end of the resort from us), I thought I should make things easier for all, so I rented a 3 bedroom “luxury” condo, rather than the usual 2 rooms at the Fairmont Chateau. The fun started immediately upon arrival. Although I had booked the condo through the owner and spoken with the concierge, they forgot to inform the front desk. So check-in was a long, d r a w n – o u t, painful affair that was eventually sorted out, only to discover that the owner gave us incorrect information as to which lockers to store our skis in and what the combinations for those lockers were. (the locker numbers they gave us didn’t exist) After another 40 minutes, we finally managed to sort that one out too, so went to relax in the room. (and drink a glass of much deserved wine)

But my husband, the Original Obnoxious One and the Demon Child started complaining immediately.

Eew this place is so ugly!

Eew this place is so noisy!

Eew nothing works in this place!

I pointed out that it had 3 bedrooms, that we were only there for 2 nights, and told them to SUCK IT UP!

The next morning was gorgeous  – sunny to start, tons of fresh snow, and not too many people actually skiing. The Demon Child decided to spend the day in her bedroom relaxing, which was fine with me. My husband and I went to sort out our ski passes, and that’s when we encountered a hiccup. Turns out the Original Obnoxious One, Captain Dumb Dumb lost our 2012/13 ski passes – our son has his, but not the Captain and not me. After an hour of chatting with numerous patient, polite and very nice Whistler/Blackcomb folks, we finally received our passes.Turned out that my pass had actually been from the previous year, so I had a get a new one.  Yep, Captain Dumb Dumb was confused again. As usual.

By it was all worth it, cuz my new skis were AMAZING! They made skiing fun again and made me feel 20 years younger,


…except for the Captain constantly complaining about his sore toe, and sore legs. You’d think the guy was ancient!

The next hiccup occurred at dinner after an amazing day of skiing. The Captain had made a reservation at one of our favourite Whistler restaurants, Trattoria  which I had confirmed that afternoon by phone. Except…it seems that he actually made a reservation at the Umbertos restaurant in downtown Vancouver, not at Whistler. And it was Friday night, the busiest night of the week and the busiest week of the year. But, after much discussion, much hand wringing and many soulful looks, they sat us at a table. Yep, we were so lucky and the manager was so wonderful!

That evening my son, the Obnoxious One went out to meet up with friends and wandered back to the condo…at 3 am…without his key. Fortunately he was able to get in the front door of the complex…but our room was another story. He tried calling each of us on our cell phones, texting each of us, and finally at 4:20 am, somehow he managed to rouse my husband enough to get out of bed. We had a relatively early checkout of 10 am the next morning, (we usually try for noon or 2 pm or…) so that meant we had a very tired, very grumpy Obnoxious One. Driving home we all gave the Obnoxious One a really hard time, but hey, it was pretty darn funny! But there was still more fun to come. Much more.

Once home, the Demon Child decided she needed to go to the library to do some homework and then to her boyfriend’s house. All fine, except that when she was walking home from the bus stop that evening at 8:45 she realized she didn’t have her Mac laptop. Holy crap! That expensive one we bought her last Christmas which contained all of her music, all of her contacts, and all of her homework on it. Of course she never backed it up…not on the Cloud, not on a hard drive…nada!

Can you imagine her reaction? I assure you that whatever you picture, reality was 10 times worse!



Of course our flight for Los Cabo  was leaving the next morning at 7 am so we had to leave the house by 4:30 am. So she took a cab (she doesn’t drive and I was still packing) to her boyfriend’s place all the way out in Horseshoe Bay to fetch her laptop…except it wasn’t there. Back at home, more yelling, hair pulling, teeth gnashing…The Demon Child swore she wasn’t going to Mexico with us and she wasn’t going to university next year and Crying Devil Girl there is green in the headit was the absolute end of the world!

So just before 10 pm I drove her down to the bus stop and we talked to the drivers of 2 successive buses but neither one had it. Finally at midnight we gave up, finished packing and attempted to get some sleep…I tossed and turned for four and a half hours. Of course the Captain went to bed hours and hours before all this drama, and slept right through the whole thing.

But the next morning we made the flight…even though it was an hour delayed.

And we made it to Los Cabos...even though it was cold and rainy there.

And we made it to our hotel…even though they didn’t have the rooms we booked and paid for.

Ah well, the joys of travel with family.



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