Get me out of here!

This has been the non-stop chant of my daughter, the Demon Child for the past several months. It seems that she has had enough of West Vancouver – really?! Okay, so my son, the Obnoxious One, was pretty much the same during the latter part of Grade 12. But after spending his first year at university – which he loved, almost too much –  in Ontario during a mild, wimpy winter, he appreciated the charms of West Vancouver much more upon his return last summer. And way back in the dinosaur ages, I seem to recall being desperate to get out of the small blue-collar town I grew up in. So yeah, a normal rebellious teenage thing.

However, the Demon Child takes the whining, complaining, and yes, temper tantrums to a whole new level,  as in:

  • Why on earth did you choose to live in West Van with this terrible rainy weather? – because we prefer rain to ice and snow
  • Why would you ever decide to raise children in West Van with all this mindless consumerism and endless consumption? – consumerism if a fact of modern first world life, and how much you chose to do is up to you and me since I control the money
  • How could you ever send me to private school in West Van with all the fake, money-oriented kids with their vacuous, inauthentic moms? – because you have ADHD and needed the extra resources provided in that setting, besides you meet interesting people wherever you go
  • How could you send to me to boarding school with all those wealthy douche-bags? – you were the one who wanted to go there in the first place darling
  • How could you ever marry a man that represents oil companies? – there are tons of worse things he could do but that’s the subject of a whole other blog post

Perhaps one day she will appreciate the benefits of life here in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m not holding my breath. And in the meantime, I will admit that my watching the Real Housewives of Vancouver with its bevy of long haired, glamorous, over-the-top women only adds fuel to the fire – three live on the North Shore after all

more housewives

courtesy Real Housewives of Vancouver Facebook

 but you know, where else can you live here:West Vancouver-20130604-00027

and after driving for ten minutes, go here:Capilano 5-20120912-00540

or here:IMG-20120725-00401

or here:Richmond-20130605-00036even if half three-quarters most of the year it looks like this:

courtesy rjay at Around the Region

courtesy rjay at

Still, I figure, warts and all, there’s no place like home.

But maybe I should say, Botox, plastic and all, there’s no place like home.

West Vancouver-20130606-00046



2 thoughts on “Get me out of here!

  1. We chose to leave the prairies of Manitoba to come to the west coast, well, the island anyhow. After complaining about the cold, mosquitoes, wind, dust, and muddy rivers all of my youth, I wonder if my kids will complain about the stuff your kid does now that were on this end of the country.

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