Help – I’ve Fallen Way, Way Down the Rabbit Hole

courtesy Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

courtesy Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

The world as I know it has changed…forever. I knew this was coming, but I really didn’t think the transformation would be quite so dramatic. After all the exams and essays and applications, my baby girl has officially graduated from high school. My shock, however,  comes from the 180 degree shift in her attitude.

Lately my daughter has been nice to me… and nice even to the rest of the family.

The Demon Child seems to have taken flight and moved on. So I’ve seen the shadow of the Demon Child on a couple of occasions when my daughter has been exhausted after a late night out with friends, but for the most part she’s been pretty easy-going and even happy. For example, during the past 2 weeks:

  • she hasn’t yelled at me (much)
  • she hasn’t called me horrible names (not at all)
  • she’s listened to me and kicked her friends out at midnight when I asked her to
  • she’s accepted the loss of her allowance after getting that tattoo (okay the allowance has since been restored)
  • she let her tongue piercing grow in, as she claimed she missed chewing gum – whatever her reason, I’m ecstatic!
  • she’s gone on a couple of hikes with Franklinstein and me and enjoyed them
  • and the piece de resistance – she went from blocking me on Facebook to friending me!!!

So whether it’s a sign of maturity, a consequence of school ending or the aftermath of dumping her boyfriend, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Hey, my daughter will never be the perfect Barbie doll that so many girls in Vancouver aspire to these days – you know the ones with the perfect pouts, the perfect designer wardrobes, and the perfect long blond hair.

more housewives

courtesy – Real Housewives of Vancouver Facebook

She will never be like everybody else and that’s okay. Heck, that’s more than okay, that’s amazing! After all, this is the girl who:

But she is hoping to take much of the summer off before she ventures forth to university in the Fall, so she wants to learn how to drive – finally – and do lots and lots of hiking. In fact, yesterday she climbed The Chief with a friend,1048195_10152958698655290_974192805_oand wants to do it again...with me!

After the drama of the past several months, I must admit that I am currently exhausted, but nevertheless I am loving this new phase. I’m also realistic enough to know that the Demon Child may rear her terrible head once again from time to time, but we’ll deal with that when and if the time comes.

In the meantime, I am officially looking  forward to summer, if it ever arrives to stay on the wet West coast.



7 thoughts on “Help – I’ve Fallen Way, Way Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Duh! I LOVED the Demon Child! She could be the main character in a thriller or horror novel. But as the follower above said: Be afraid! Be very afraid! To this I add a quote by Edgar Allen Poe: “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” Still, who can argue with unblocking you on Facebook and BEFRIENDING her own MOTHER? Pray it’s not just hormones

    • Yeah, I spoke way too soon. Last night we had a huge fight because she couldn’t follow my directions, which of course means that I’m a Terrible Awful Mother. One more thing to blog about. 😉

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