About a thousand years ago I grew up in southern Ontario, hating high school, and living for the summer  in and around Parry Sound. Loved canoeing, swimming, summer camp. Found my groove at university – math, english, business, marching band…all were amazing. Met and married a crazy guy from Vancouver and moved out to the wet coast  Added a couple more initials to the end of the name,  worked in the corporate world for a bunch of years, climbed lots of mountains and hiked over lots of rivers. We  popped out a couple of extremely crazy kids and added a lovely yellow lab to the mix. Fast forward several years and one kid is going into third year university back east, and the other actually graduated from high school and is spending her first year of university in the UK. After many years of love and good times,our wonderful lab passed on, so now we have a sweet little boy lab who loves to kiss and lick everyone and everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!

Now what?

A couple more years have somehow evaporated, and we have moved homes, experienced many family medical challenges and my babies are now in their twenties, still at school though – one in the UK and 1 in Ontario.

And my sweet hairy little boy is still a licker.



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  1. I’m doing pretty much the same thing… something tells me we would have fun together! Keep writing and get in a writing group for the fiction stuff. My writing group (5 solid, exceptional readers/editors/writers) keep me honest and push me when I’m lazy. It has really been motivating and wonderful! If you can’t find one, start one. Good luck!

    • Thanks, I did do an online writer’s workshop, so my work was critiqued by 4 other people. And you’re right…once I got past the shock that others didn’t think my writing was perfect ;), it was a very positive experience.

    • No such thing as bossy when it comes to writing and getting published! Thanks for the advice. And yes, I did have the manuscript edited – by a published author who also teaches children’s fiction.

  2. Hello,

    On another website you mentioned having a basket of pantyhose you no longer needed. If you still have the basket of pantyhose, I am looking for lots of them for a craft project.

  3. Hi Rita!
    I was at a dinner party last night and heard about your blog. I came home, checked it out, and couldn’t stop reading until I read it all! I now have your blog on my home page for my IPAD. Great writing – very entertaining and real. I will be sharing this with my friends in the hood.

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