Happy Canada Day!!!

And proud of it!


Blogging newbie

Okay so I’m a newbie to the blog world. But I couldn’t help but notice every time I turn around there are a ton of yummy mommies and earnest daddies out there lovingly blogging about every burp, slurp and bowel movement of their brilliant offspring.Dishing out memorable quotes, comparing sleep strategies for their cherubs.

Been there. Done that.

Do enjoy because soon enough those darling little angels will develop

  • mega attitude
  • tattoos
  • piercings in the weirdest places
  • horns
  • forked tails


Gotta love Maxine.

Spring has finally arrived

Yes, it’s true. Spring has finally sprung and Killer is shedding up a storm. Balls of yellow fluff are floating everywhere¬†around the house…in the laundry, in the butter, and especially in the pool. Usually this happens in March – so what’s up? Must be global warming. Must be the impending Rapture (now due for Oct) Whatever, just bring on the sun already.