The Trouble with Queenie

Do you remember the kid at school that was always in trouble, always spoke without thinking, and always had to do things her own way? That’s Queenie, a pint-sized ten-year-old girl who just happens to have ADHD. She tells her mom, “I never try to get into trouble. Sometimes trouble just happens. And sometimes it sticks to me, you know, like gum on the bottom of the shoe. Nobody wants gum there, but sometimes you just end up with it.”

The Trouble with Queen , written for middle gradesexplores the gifts and challenges of living with ADHD with humour and candor.  Queenie and a cast of realistic, contemporary characters bring kids a rich and rewarding reading experience that helps them understand themselves and others.

A quirky, hilarious whirlwind, Queenie moves with her family from small town Ontario to exclusive West Vancouver.  There she encounters a new world of Lululemon, Iphones and Mean Girls. Determined to fit in with the wealthy cool kids at the elite private school she attends, Queenie resolves to win the annual public speaking competition. Along the way, Queenie learns about herself and the value of true friendship. The story also celebrates Vancouver’s natural beauty during family Magical Mystery Tours to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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